Warm belly, happy Vero

It’s official, we’re going to see LAL in Brighton on the 26th of February with Lisa and Stu!

Makes me happy to support a Canadian group on tour! I bet they’ll love the Brighton crowd, they’re such a welcoming and warm bunch of people! I’m really excited that Andrew’s sister and her hubby are joining us since I think they’ll like the music a lot, and they’re always great to go out with.

So good weekend in perspective! In the meantime, this weekend is a nice lazy bum relaxing one 🙂

Now, the question is… Should I fill in the application form for Location, Location, Location or not? I’m wondering whether or not I fancy being on TV… Their help would be great, but ick being on telly!! What do you think?

One response to “Warm belly, happy Vero

  1. as long as it’s not on Blue Peter, you are soh-ted luv.

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