Google Ads

Yep, I’m a sellout, I’ve added Google Ads to my site. *hangs head in shame* I’m not expecting to make millions, I’m doing it more out of curiosity to see what kind of results I’ll get out of it.

So… go on, give it a click every once in a while! But don’t overdo it, the Google system can detect when people click repeatedly and accounts get suspended!

*snuggles up on the sofa* mmMMmmm lazy Sundays are great!

2 thoughts on “Google Ads

  1. Van Yoeun

    sell out =)

    it’s a good idea though.. lemme know how it works out.. how much traffic does your site get anyhow? I think that factors in.. and you only get payouts for clicks on their ads.

    you got a stat page for your site?

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