The Siesta Syndrome

This BBC Article on the habits of employees in the British workplace made me smirk since my office mirrors the syndrome so well.

The findings of catering firm Avenance aren’t surprising; the better we eat, the more we take healthy breaks away from our computers, the more performant and effective we’ll be.

The survey showed productivity peaked at 12pm, then suffered an “alarming drop”.

Regular morning, lunch and tea breaks, as well as “eating healthy, well-balanced food throughout the day” would help stop the syndrome, he said.

Now if only they could pass the information on to the catering firm where I work, maybe they’d make the healthy option meal more appetizing! And maybe they’d put away some of the chocolate bars at the coffee shop downstairs and replace them by fruits, veggies and low-fat options! There were periods of healthy sandwiches and homemade soups but they’re back to cheesy pasta dishes and sausage rolls. Those cause guaranteed sleepyness after lunch!

Ah well, I guess I should start making my own lunches more often really! Nothing beats homemade soup on cold drab days. Mmmm… All I can say is going for multiple tea breaks seems to be the current solution for most of my colleagues…

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