I spotted this bit of news on a fellow Canadian’s website. Good to see the Ontario government is spending its funds and time resources wisely.

The McGuinty Government, in what has got to be the biggest money-waster of their term yet, has decided that the trillium logo that has represented the province for over 40 years, is outmoded and should be replaced. Maybe. They aren’t confirming or denying the rumours, except to say that they won’t be replacing the three-leaved woodland plant (Trillium grandiflorum, for those with a green thumb) as our provincial flower. Good lord. Like there aren’t more pressing matters that he could turn his attention to.

Please mom, write to our MP in my name?

I couldn’t have said it any better than marmalade did, “might I recommend the common loon (Ontario’s provincial bird) as the new centrepiece? Because this idea is just plain stupid.”

It’s part of our history, it’s a recognized symbol and it’s a timeless enough logo to last much much longer. Imagine how many millions would be spent on making new stationery, business cards, application forms, signs, etc, if it was redesigned. And imagine the mother of a contract some design agency would score!

2 thoughts on “Trillium

  1. Kelly

    Hi Vero! It seemed that the public outcry was too great for the Dalton, and now he’s saying that he’d never intended on changing the Provincial logo, just the one used for international campaign promotions. *rolls eyes* Whatever. Just proof that writting your MP/MPPs actually works!

  2. ginette reno

    J’te gage que ça va couter super cher si y l’font pour vrai, en plus! … gang de salopes…

    j’pense que j’vais écrire une chanson dans le style “london underground”, à propos de mcguinty…


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