IKEA Stampede

If this was Ananova, it would fit in the quirky news section, but the BBC keeps a straight face telling the story:

Several people were hurt in the crush as thousands flocked to the midnight opening of Ikea’s newest store.

The store in Edmonton, north London, stayed open for just 30 minutes because of safety fears and five people had to be taken to hospital for treatment.

Ok, sure IKEA’s pretty cool. Yeah their furniture was particularly cheap that day. But still, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?! There’s no reason to kill each other and cause a stampede!!!

As the unfortunate MP of Tottenham David Lammy said, Ikea should have known offering cheap prices in a deprived area would cause a rush. People need to take a step back and relax… and order on the bloody website rather than go fight outside!!!

3 thoughts on “IKEA Stampede

  1. Steven

    ARE YOU COMPLETELY FRIGGING INSANE!!!??? £25 SOFAS!??!!??!?!?! LET ME AT THEM AND GET OUT OF MY WAY NO YES MOVE ARGH *stab* *stab* DIE!!!!!!!!!”£$%^&*^%$£$$%^&^&**(@&@&3565’465@23%^@”$%”£%$££”!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Billy G


    Just to correct you, Sofas were £45 – still as said – not worth dying for.

    I was stupid enough to be there, queued up from about 8pm, waited in line, freezing cold – and let me tell you, needing a piss while standing virtually still in that cold is one of the most unpleasant experiences i have had, but not as bad as what was to follow.

    The worst thing is that we (the public queuing up) could see it happening 30 minutes before it happened – how did Ikea – who surely have learned from the incident last year in Saudi Arabia – would have had a consultant on crowd control at the opening – did nothing to prevent this from happening. Instead they decided to approach those who did not have a hope in hell of getting the limited (total of 350) discount sofas and telling them so in that fashion.

    I am (yes, still!) a fan of ikea, it provides reasonable quality and furniture at an obtainable price, but dear God, Ikea, sort it out.

    I like this blog and have bookmarked it to visit in the near future.


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