Listing all your mp3s

Just thought I’d share this bit of info with my fellow mp3-collectors after hearing about a dear friend who spent hours putting together a list of her thousands of mp3s by hand. To most of you old techies, it’ll be just stating the obvious but if it can save time for one person, I’ll be happy!

How to make a list of all my mp3s really quickly!

This is copy-pasted from Cyberwalker (with the exception of the sub-directories tip and the wicked iTunes tip!):

Question: Could you help me find a way to print a list of files in a Windows folder? I have about 800 MP3 files in a folder and I want to create a printable list of them. There was a way of creating a text document of all the files in a folder, but I can’t remember how to do so.
— J.N.

Answer: The only way to handle so many files is through DOS. DOS, for those new to the Microsoft world, means Disk Operating System and is a “behind the scenes” access to your computer. Access DOS by going to the START button, and navigate to the Programs menu and then the DOS Prompt applet. Once in DOS, go to the directory where the files exist. If it is called MP3 and is located on the Windows desktop, type “cd \windows\desktop\MP3.” “CD” is DOS lingo for change directory.

All examples in this column are wrapped in quotes for clarity, but don’t type them with the command.

The DOS prompt should now look like this:

Now type the following “dir > mp3list.txt”. (DIR is DOS lingo for list the files and the “>” symbol means put the screen output into a new file.)

To get a list with all the sub-directories listed properly, instead type “dir /s /b *.mp3 > \list.txt”

I’ve used the mp3list.txt as the filename but you can call it anything you like. Press ENTER. That text file, mp3list.txt, will appear in the folder. Print it with notepad or a word processing program.

Edited 14/02/05: Andrew’s given me an even better idea – put all the files into iTunes and export the playlist. It will contain all the id3 tags and be a breeze to put into excel! So much better than any of the DOS stuff. DO IT THIS WAY! 😀

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