Shuffle this, baby!

Woooooooooooh! Just thought I’d share with the world, I am now the proud owner of an iPod Shuffle! Ok fine, it’s the baby of the range, it’s only got half a gig of space and only fits 1/100th of our music collection but it gets me through the day and is SO easy to update!

It’s sooo tiny and weightless! I luuurve it! Well, I’ll lurve it until a bigger-harddrived mini-looking iPod comes along, then I’m cheating on my shuffle, no question there! *shrug* What can I say, I’m a thrillseeker and a bit ADD when it comes to gadgets!

So what were we saying about 8mb Internet again?

2 thoughts on “Shuffle this, baby!

  1. ZBrando

    I think the ipod shuffle is a bit expensive for what it does: i prefer the mini version 🙂
    (of course the ipod photo would be better but it’s tooooo expensive).
    By now i still using my ipaq also for mp3 🙂

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