Thursday is the new Friday

It’s decided. Thursdays will now be like Fridays, involving slacking off after 4pm, mass emails such as “Top 5 reasons not to be working right now”, ridiculous forwards and general slagging off of colleagues.

Today really feels like a Friday because I’ve got the day off tomorrow. It’s my second day in lieu for the conference that happened a few weeks ago. I’ll have a daytime driving lesson tomorrow but other than that, it’ll be generally chilling out and cleaning the apartment. This week just felt like it lasted forever so Friday off couldn’t come at a better time!

Then Saturday, we’re celebrating Andrew’s dad’s birthday and going out for dinner.

So overall, it sounds like a lovely three-day weekend to me… And my office smells like bacon for some odd reason!

2 thoughts on “Thursday is the new Friday

  1. Sarrrrfolk Buoy

    I think you have slightly the wrong concept here canadian face…Thursday is the new Friday because me and my mate CHarlie go out every Thursday and get drunk like it was a Friday, in a similar manner to how Prince partied like it was 1999 when really it wasn’t. We also now get excited on Wednesdays about Thursdays (like a typical but now outdated Thursday). Thursday really is the new Friday, whether or not Friday is a non work day. You better believe it baby.

  2. Umber ducee unt ut

    It apears that Sarrrfolk Buoy is spot on in his explanation. Thursday is indeed the new friday and because of this shift in the week a knock on reaction has occured. Wednesday becoming the new Thursday, Tuesday becoming the new Wednesday and so on. But the underlying question in all of this is, what has Friday become? Before Fridays were filled with excitement but because of the revelution have become slightly more redundant. I now wait all week for Thursday because of the activities planned and Friday goes unnoticed. If Friday still the old Friday?

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