And the weekend ends…

This weekend went by so quickly!

Last night, we went to the best Chinese restaurant I’ve ever been to, called Sun Do in Sevenoaks, Kent. Highly recommended if you’re going down that way! The salt and pepper prawns tasted just like Menorca chipirones, which caused the conversation to veer to the topic of our holiday there in June. All six of us will be there for Lisa’s birthday, and I can sense there will be many attempts at waterskiing (probably all failed in my case!) and a whole lot of fun!

This morning, I went driving with Andrew in Sevenoaks. It’s so exciting (and scary) to drive in an area I don’t know as well, where I’m not sure what’ll come up around the bend. I’m looking forward to being done with lessons and being a confident driver but for the time being, I’m having fun learning! Positive thinking makes all the difference… oh and remembering to use the clutch too!

On a complete side-note, my song of the moment is without a doubt Eminem’s “Like Toy Soldiers”. With that choir of children sampled from 80s pop star Martika’s single ‘Toy Soldiers’ and the marching band drum roll in the background, I could hear it over and over. It’s good to hear Eminem do less silly stuff than the D12 “My Band”, he’s got a lot to say…

Aaaand, only a week til I go see LAL in Brighton! That’ll be a fantastic show without a doubt even though it’s apparently in quite a small underground slightly-divey club.

Question of the day:
What’s your song of the moment?

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