You want snow?? I'll give you snow!

Weather forecasters are starting to raise alarms over potential “heavy snow” over the next few days. *smirks* The expected temperature for the next three days will hover around the zero degrees *snickers a bit* There are red alerts over the possibility of “two to five centimetres of snow expected to fall at low levels [in North Yorkshire] and between 10 and 20cms on the North York Moors.” *bursts out laughing out loud and falls off chair*

Jeeeeebus, Brits make me laugh. STOP THE WORLD, ITS GOING TO SNOW!!! I mean, I understand why this country has a hard time coping with snow, given the infrequent snowfalls and the lack of infrastructure to take care of the roads when there are more than a few snowflakes but it’s still hilarious if you ask me!! All I can hope for is a day off because our poor little car can’t get over the slippery bridge! 😉

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