GenieLab‘s music recommendation system is the answer to my constant whining that I don’t have enough music, and don’t know what new material to add to my collection.

You rate your favourite artists and get recommendations through the system’s predictions of what else you might like, based on other people’s ratings. Tons of interesting names come up, accompanied by descriptions from Amazon and iTunes. At the moment, there isn’t quite a wide enough range of ratings to get accurate recommendations beyond the top pop music, but the more the system is used, the better it will get.

I’ve already found a few artists of interest on there, so I may add new names to my iPod’s regular playlist soon!

Great deal for the owner who must get a small commission for every music purchase people make on Amazon, iTunes and MSN Music (never heard of that one!) but as, for the first time in ages, this is run by an individual rather than by a mega-corp, I say thumbs up, why not support it!

One response to “GenieLab

  1. David Klein

    May I suggest Birdmonster for your ipod?

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