strikes again!

Now, if there’s a service that’s really winding me up, it’s that bullshit SMS service!

Following posting this apology on his blog, Joi received a Cease & Desist letter from the numbnuts at What exactly IS supposed to be illegal in apologizing to friends for unacceptable spam behaviour from a service that doesn’t dish out what it claims it will? And how does this monkey business expect to avoid class action suit when targeting North Americans? Americans will jump on this like a fat kid on a smartie!

I’ve received repeated messages resembling emotional blackmail following the first message from each friend:

This is the third request. Should [NAME] give up on having you as a friend in his mobile friends network?

Simply click the link below to confirm your relationship with [NAME].

Dont want to be invited by your friends? Click on the link above to block future invitations from family and friends.
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Can you believe it — this is the fourth request to be in [NAME] friend network.

If this means that you do not care to be in [NAME] mobile friend network, then just say so – and save both of you the hassle. It only takes a few seconds!

Just click here to confirm or reject your relationship with [NAME]

If you dont want to be invited by your friends, just click on the link above and choose block future invitations from family and friends.

Who in their right mind will fall for this? If it pissed you off the first time, repeated messages like this will only make you blow a fuse! That’s nag-marketing at it’s poorest…

Ok, I’m not actually angry, even though the exclamation marks might lead you to believe so… I’m actually quite thrilled it’s nearly weekend!

One thought on “ strikes again!

  1. Helena Davidsson

    All the moderns things like email couldents stand meeting betwen friends. The net isnt the human benefits för the day. A kiss A hug. Human touch is lives.

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