Because I'm a total foodie!

I decide to start myself another blog dedicated to food and drinks! This way, I won’t be drowning this blog in food comments, though I’m sure I’ll cross-post between both blogs when I find something irresistible!

It’s like one big recipe box for those nights where choosing what to cook feels like a chore.

It’s also my WordPress 1.5 sandbox, so the look and feel of it will probably change regularly and possibly look all messed up sometimes.

2 thoughts on “Because I'm a total foodie!

  1. Vero

    And you can’t spell 😉

    Hey I needed to try out 1.5 without completely screwing this baby up, so might as well make it useful!

    I now know how to use Putty and how to setup databases and shite, so imma propah geek now! *geeky thumbs up*

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