Eurovision 2005: Making Your Mind Up

It’s the beginning of the campfest!

Tonight, it’s time for Britain to decide who’s going to represent the country at the Eurovision contest in May. It’ll be interesting if Jordan… no sorry, Katie makes it through and performs for Britain. She’s got a perfectly camp song that Europe will love (even though I can’t stand it).

Looking forward to seeing what kind of rubbish the other countries can come up with this year!

So Javine Hilton, also known as “The girl who didn’t make it into Girls Aloud in Pop Stars: The Rivals because she looked like she’d been signed by someone else but turns out she hadn’t and was just unlucky”, will be representing Britain in May with her Touch My Fire song. It’s terribly reminescent of last year’s winners from Ukraine, yet it seems to be the right mix of campness and skimpyness to win. Hopefully next time, she won’t be showing her nipples when hugging Terry Wogan!

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