Near-Spring Cleaning

Today was a cleaning and reorganizing blitz in the Pepperrell home. We got rid of a crappy old dresser and put together a lovely little desk for my computer. I’ll have to post some photos before it gets cluttered with junk! Spring cleaning feels so good, and in a one bedroom flat, it’s also very necessary…

My goal is to keep the desk junk-free. The little pink book my friends gave me when I left Ottawa in May and my iPod Shuffle are amongst the few items welcome to stay on the desk. Oh and my little tin of Talent…

The tin of “Double Concentrated Talent” is nothing but a small can of tomato paste, a personalized label and a big idea for an advertising campaign. A design agency mailed those out to everyone in marketing in my office. We all found them in our pigeon holes and thought it was a fantastic idea. It was worth the effort for the agency, as we invited them to come over and present their portfolio. Now, the can serves to remind me that thinking hard about an idea and doing something unconventional can really yield results. Hopefully, I can regain the creativity I seem to have lost during all those years in school and create great campaigns like the tin of Talent.

Ok so maybe a few creative thinking and marketing books will be allowed on the desk too…

One thought on “Near-Spring Cleaning

  1. Aran Jackson

    Good afternoon Vero!

    Aran from Gavin Willis Art Direction here.

    We’re very glad you liked our Talent Tin! :o)
    It seems to work very well for finding new business and maintaining old as it’s such a unique gimick which people keep around (as you obviously have!! :o) ).

    It’s very hard to come up with a sucessful marketing mailer, and it’s nice to hear that it’s being recived so well.

    Have a good day. Keep blogging.


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