Introspective week

This isn’t an apology for the lack of posts. It’s just an attempt at understanding where my mind’s been over the past week.

Of course, there’s been my grandpa’s passing away, a completely unexpected event that left me feeling rather helpless so far from my family. But it goes beyond that. I’ve been re-evaluating what I’m doing in life now that I’ve been back in England for nearly a year. Because I haven’t lived in the same place or done the same thing for over a year for the best part of the past few years, it’s like my mind’s getting itchy feet and looking for something to do.

Needn’t worry, I ain’t getting itchy feet about being married, I couldn’t be happier as far as that goes! It’s just my little grey matter that’s feeling like it’s been asleep. I’ve started reading more again, getting a bit restless when watching tv and drifting more towards the Travel and Discovery channels if I do have the tv on. I’ve been feeling somewhat less sociable and happy to spend time alone in the warm and cozy cocoon that is our apartment.

Hopefully, I’ll manage to do a Spring Cleaning in my head the same way we did in the apartment. There’s a lot of dust to clear off and some synaptic networks to wake up. Once the hibernation period is over, I’ll be back to my true colours!

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