Cookies? (I hope they're the chocolate chips kind!)

Oi! This isn’t my food blog!! (this way for the chocolate chip cookies recipe – will post it later tonight)

Seth brought up a study containing stats I remember seeing elsewhere too – “17 percent of Internet users delete cookies on a weekly basis”. Total bolloooocks, if you excuse my French!

I consider myself to be an uber-geek, but I don’t even really do it that often. I should do a survey around the office tomorrow to see how many people a. know what cookies are, b. if they know how to delete them, c. how often they delete them. My office is full of people who use computers at work, but either don’t have one at home or have one in a closet and have at most a dialup connection. So the average British user or above, really! Outside of technology companies and big cities, most people have priorities other than getting a wonderful green tan from a computer monitor (wonder what shade this LCD monitor will give me?) every evening.

So even in the US, I highly doubt 40% of web users would know how to do it and most of all find it important enough to do it at least monthly. As Seth says:

The echo chamber effect on the Net is stronger than it is anywhere in the world. Yes, professional women in New York think that lots of women keep their maiden name when they get married (it’s actually less than 5%). Yes, people who work out all the time figure that most people do (they don’t.). People who run wineries figure that lots of people care about wine (they don’t.) But on the Net it is at its worst. The heavy users figure that everyone understands what we understand. (They don’t.)

The day people are that good with computers, there won’t be a need for the “Any Key” question on the Compaq FAQ!

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