30-hour Famine

Support Darren in his attempt at fundraising $1000CDN before the end of March! This will be enough to feed three children for a whole year and save them from malnutrition and famine. And you don’t have to be Canadian to donate, just check his post for more details!

Make sure you visit his blog on April 1st and 2nd for some light-headed posts and a few laughs, I’m sure. Best luck Darren!

Also on the fundraiser front, Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day last Friday has raised over £37 million! And the money’s still coming in! That’s $85.5 million dollars in Canadian money, or nearly 7.5 billion Japanese Yen! But most of all, it’s money that will help people both within Britain and all over Africa. If you haven’t donated, it’s not too late! (Are you telling me that Little Britain sketch with Robbie Williams as a “laaayyydeee” wasn’t enough to convince you to donate?!)

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