32 thoughts on “Japanese Makeup Tips

  1. Ashley

    Yes, they do use a special glue. And what do u mean by “Japanese girls are willing to go to such and extent to look like white girls”? I dont understand how that has to do with “White girls”.

  2. Vero

    The “lifted” eyelid with more of a crease is a characteristic of the Caucasian face and there is an overwhelming fascination with all things white, pop and American in many Asian countries, no one will deny that! But there is a fascination with Asian culture coming from the white people as well (think Harajuku Girls and Gwen Stefani), so it goes both ways!

    I’m not being racist or trying to be horrible in any way, I just think it’s another one of those crazy things girls, no matter their culture, are willing to do! (Brazilian waxes and Botox fit in that “I just don’t understand” category as well)

  3. chainey

    check out japan’s “ganguro” style if you want to see an example of japanese girls trying to emulate southern californian (white) girls.

  4. cozychin

    the “lifted eyelid crease” and fairness of the skin as always been a hallmark of beauty in asia. Your post suggests that asian girls having “lifted eyelid crease” is unnatural, which is very far from the truth. Everything comes in a mixed bag.

  5. cozychin

    and btw, my friend has tried that product. It’s nothing much really, except that it requires lots of practice to get a natural look.

  6. baldie

    Love the video, I spent 6 months in Japan and I have seen several versions of this eye glue, and other body glue used for everyday maintainece!

    But I agree this is not simply an asian phenonomeon (sorry my spelling has gone down hill since studying Japanese). Corsets, tapering panty hose (they can sqweeze the life out of you!), pushy push up bras, wigs, body waxing (ouch!), body shaving (double ouch!), and of course body sculpting (triple ouch!). Don’t forget tanning beds (yes we can all have skin cancer now!).

    Women AND Men love to impress the opposite sex (or same sex), that will never change (I hope). What will change is the method we use to do that!

    By the way, I think eye tape is a preferred method for fixing the eys up, less difficult and irritating for senestive skin. Plus I think its cheap.

  7. Sara

    Im chinese and I acutally don’t like my eyes. I wouldn’t plan to get surgery, but if I want to wear eyeshadow, I’d definitely try this product (not that it is available in the U.A.E (United Arab Emirates)) I think that Asians look so much beter with your eyes like, wider. I dont know I personally think it looks nicer. My friends say they like my eyes, and would love to have them, but they look awful with eyeshadow (They look SWOLLEN!) I wear contacts and it’s freaky how much the eyelid is pushed in to create the crease lol. It’s weird how i landed here…I’m trying to be a look-a-like harajuku girl (gwen steafni style) for halloween, but all of you are obviously not interested and so I am leaving lol. Bye!

  8. tah-rey-sahh

    you need to understand that many of asian girls are naturally born with that “crease” or whatever you guys call it. SO they are not trying to be WHITE looking, they are simply trying to look like the OTHER asians! its like u guys have brunetts and blondes and you try to be dye ur hair so u can be that OTHER american that YOU think is pretty
    also i think that BECAUSE most white people put down the asian eyes SO much, now the asian girls are feeling insecure about their looks!

    is you are a non asian..understand that asian eyes come in many different shapes and most of us are smart enough to NOT try to look like white ppl

    if you are an asian..nothing is wrong with our eyes!
    we are beautiful but you need to see it first in order for others to see that!

    ps. i do agree that glue thing looks painful!!


  9. Lou

    Asian standard for beauty even before they knew Europeans have always been big eyes, double creased eyes, dark long hair, straight and tall nose and small lips. So it’s just a coincidence that some of those features happen to be that of europeans. Because those features are not especially common in Asians, they’re sought after. >>

    The glue is actually not painful, it’s just very uncomfortable. The discomfort you experience can be compared to that of putting on contact lenses, and the pain those cause you can vary.

    I’m actually thinking of buying some more of this, when I need it, because it’s a nifty tool to use.

  10. Vero

    Tah-rey-sahh: Woah, down tiger! I guess I worded it a bit wrong, but puh-lease, don’t get your knickers in a twist! See my comment number 5, I corrected myself.

  11. mina

    yeah a lot of asian girls would go that consent…frankly because of the media in my opinion. The look is classic all american girl. Ive read plently about beautiful asian models wanting to do that. They forget how beautiful they really are. I would never do that though. I am proud to be who I am. By the way your little elmers glue joke wasn’t the slightest bit funny…later!

  12. velvetelvitron

    What a lot of interesting info you have here! The eye-glue thing reminds me of how drag queeens (or anyone wanting a temp facelift) use strong tape to pull their eyes up and back. I imagine it’s pretty hard to get both of them the same! You’d have mismatched eyes!

  13. Felicity

    Well, that looks really really quite painful and creepy when she pins her eyes back! I can immagine it would be uncomfortable.
    Why do that? I’m sure mascara and eyelash curlers would just do the trick.
    Anyway, we are all beautiful whatever nationality.
    No one should try to be something they are not.

  14. AJ

    i luv my eyes as it is… chinky is cute & sweet but sumtyms i wear different make-up styles, sumtyms it calls fora double creas… I tried using that glue for false eyelashes, it worked fine for me. I

  15. Lacey

    Hi. I actually found this site when I was looking for Japanese culture-things. I’m getting a kimono and I was wondering if there was a certain way to do my make-up to look asian… (I don’t think that’s possible)… I watched the video and yes, it’s crazy, but what was even more crazy is when I found out that some asians want to look “white”. I live in Ohio and everyone looks the same. I think asian girls are SO gorgeous. I’m surprised there aren’t crazy videos of white girls stretching there eyes sideways to look asian, you know? 🙂 I’m not saying the girls in the video where trying to look “white”, but I am saying that it’s so silly that every one wants to be someone else. I would love to be a cute little asian girl, but I am 5’10” and far from it. Be happy with who you are! 🙂 Ok… I’m done… If anyone reads this and wants to respond, my msn is Sassy_Chick05 – I’d like to hear from you :)… Thank you!

  16. alice

    i agree with comment #11. im an Asian American, and i was bored with NATURALLY big eyes, with “Crease”. Asian grls want to get their eyes “done” (surgery, glue..whatever) to LOOK LIKE OTHER ASIAN GIRLS, NOT to emulate “white girls.”

    all of you non asian people should be less ethnocentric about everything. u just dont understand other cultures but love to talk like u do. NOT everyone in the world wants to be “american,” or what not. its just so ignorant for u to think this way, and quite frankly,uneducated. And, the comment #5 is no correction, u probably should take a course in Asian studies in college.

  17. Andrew Milner

    Boys, imagine you were entrant/driver using your car in an auto rally (serious event, not boy racer thrash), what preparation would you make over and above that for a trip to the countryside? Tyres, lights, sump guard, brake pads, stiffened suspension, map light, better seats, full harness belts …
    Well, that’s how Japanese girls prepare for a date (except for the sump guard, naturally). They put a lot of thought, money and time into looking their best. And then there’s the mental and intellectual preparation. I mean they don’t want to come off as thick, banal and shallow, do they? And if playing the bedroom scene is what it takes to land a man, well they are willing to make that ultimate sacrifice. From their perspective you sometimes wonder if the game really is worth the candle, but I guess pissing off other girls is the ultimate prize.

  18. Pure Asian

    i’m a pure asian with double-eyelid… and big eyes. not ALL asian girls have small eyes with no double eyelid. btww, its double-eyelid, not ‘crease’.

    Refer to #19.
    “Asian grls want to get their eyes “done” (surgery, glue..whatever) to LOOK LIKE OTHER ASIAN GIRLS, NOT to emulate “white girls.” ”

    – what do u mean by Asian girls? u shld just say MOST asian girls ok… get it?

  19. Arisa Matsura

    us asian trying to gegt a double eye lid crease is far from trying to look like western people. In Asia there are people born naturally with eye creases, tall noses, etc. Most asian guys are attracted to this trait cause it makes the woman eyes look bigger as well as only some women have this natural trait, so its highly appealing. That is why they make glue, for the women who seek to have this beauty that the asian men like. I get offended when i see alot of western people saying asians are doing things to be like westerns. We don’t look down on ourself like that! “Japanese girls are willing to go to such an extent to look like white girls” thats highly offensive, cause i can tell you majority of us, dont want to look caucasian, we are happy to be asian! and having a double eye lid or not, isnt because we want to be western, its because some are born with it naturally and others want it who arnt… its simple… its just like how some western’s dye their hair blonde… ppl can just say you want to be european like polish or swedish… its a stereo type that must end… if you are indeed amused by the glue, then by all means be, but pls dont use stereotypes, its highly offensive.

  20. tez

    So what if this is the new fad? People all over get implants, something pumped or like that. At least this is temporary like fake eyelashes. I am not into these kind of things but it seems like a good idea. I have naturally creased eyes thought I am asian, but one eye is more creased so it looks a bit funny. Anyways people should not be hypocrital. This procedure is just as awful as the stuff you put on your face, to the air you are breathing right now. Probaly more toxins anyways.

  21. precy

    I have eyes exactly the same as the eyes of the model in the video. I never knew there is a glue for the eyes like that…thanks for the info. I used to use a toothpick to push my eyelids before and thanks to the video again, I never knew there is a device like that to push the eyelids.
    For further info, I was making a crease in my eyes because it doesn’t look good for me byt I never did it just because I want to look like whites, never

  22. Connor

    Japanese girls change their looks so they do not look Asian.. NOT to be like some specific “white” nationality. The Japanese DO NOT want to be associated with Asia, tell a Japanese they look Chinese and they HATE and DENY it, BUT when they go to China the Chinese try to talk to them in Chinese thinking they ARE CHINESE. In the Japanese mind they picture Japan as being a country situated someplace amongst France, Germany and Italy, NOT shoulder to shoulder with China and Korea. I have NEVER seen a Japanese looking mannequin, the models for kids school clothes are blond/blue eyed British kids. Posters announcing sales and billboards for stores feature WHITE families usually. Signs for men’s suit shops ALWAYS have smiling white guys. Brad Pitt models watches and jeans. When a Japanese sees a “gaijin” (foreigner) they have this look of dismay, like they are thinking “I thought I was a Westerner, but he/she is a REAL Westerner, I’m just like any other Japanese” then they mope off. Tokyo is a SEA of reddish-brown female heads (they are not trying to look different from other Japanese, they STILL LOOK THE SAME because they usually have the same shade of non-black colored hair, styled the same too). Half-Japanese girls are VERY popular on TV now primarily because of their big eyes. The Japanese are masters at denying anything that bruises their pride. (The Showa period (WW2) is NOT taught in history classes, for example.)Many deny that women do change their eyes. I see some young women wearing white eyepatches (they get one eye done and then after that heals they get the other done (can’t walk around with 2 eyepatches!). When I ask friends about it they say the woman must have an eye infection. Hmm.. there are a lot of women around the same age that have eye infections… (This is all from personal experience, mind you). This is all not a surprise, the Japanese copy just about EVERYTHING that comes in contact with them. I walk down a Japanese street and EVERYTHING I see was invented in another country.. train, car, business suit, bicycle, cell phone, computer, TV, skyscraper, baseball cap…the list goes on and on.. I think originally the Japanse DID want to be Wetern, but now they just don’t want to be Asian.

  23. Alex

    *In response to comment 25*

    Connor – I can’t believe you said Japanese COPY just about everything that comes into contact with them. They’re a highly innovative nation! Even if they weren’t the first to invent everything, a lot of the things we see around now have been innovated and improved by the Japanese. If anything, the willingness to be open minded and receptive to other cultures; accepting/adopting attributes/technologies/etc deemed desirable/useful shows an astuteness on their part, AND a comparative lack of ethnocentricity. Each culture has their quirks when viewed from an outsider of that culture. People should stop, and think/research deeper than what they “know”; before making derogatory statements.

  24. robert prin

    I am a Filipino, which makes me basically of asian race (though we Filipinos are mixed blood with mixed colors as well). Unlike Japanese or Chinese or Koreans, we do not see any problem with the way we look except, many are trying to have their nose done, well honestly Western equiline nose are sought after and regarded beautiful, but Japanese have it and so are Pakistanis and Indians. Black is also beautiful for us, say thanks to Tyra Banks and Diana Ross. White girls are ultra beautiful only if they appear reddish and no blemishes and most likely not pale as a vampire! Hey,Arabs are the most beautiful race, they come in different skin tone and they are “complete” body and soul, believe me.

  25. Razan tag ;)

    heeey..what about the africans…don’t for get the africans..lol…;)
    i think africans are really really pretty….not just saying that coz am african my self but they are…lol…

  26. acacia

    well i just think that people can do whatever they want! no matter what race. no one is holding them back from doing what they want. the main image in america is blond blues eyes and lots of people want to look like that. but everyone has their indiviuality and makes them them. my mom is japanese and i absolutly love the way she looks. all asain people have diffrent features and its what makes them diffrent from white people and i think they should stay like that. just like people with darker skin or unique facial features is very beautiful. but saying that japanese copy everything they see is not true. they just admire some american stuff but they have their cultures which is very diffrent from ours. everyone wants to be like everyone because its new and fresh. but i would say that japanese girls want to look like white girls.. like my mom hates her eyes because she says makeup doesnt look good on her with her eye crease and her eye shape. maybe some of them just want to open up there eyes more? idk but unless u really understand i dont think u would know? hmm idk if that made sense. but its not like white people dont do those kinds of stuff! like botox and cosmetic surgery. but everyone wants to change there appearence so why would you want 2 stop someone from acheiving a better look? even though sometimes it doesnt look that good. but its there money

  27. mimi

    Replying, to “conners” coment. First of all, if you dont know what your talkin about then dont say anything.
    second of all, The japanese do not copy everthing they see.
    They are so ahead of us in technology it is unbelievible.
    They are FOUR years ahead of us with there cell phones!!!
    they are very succsesful with jobs, My friend studies until itleast 2 oclock A:M every day!!!!! he wants to be a Suregeon! Its interesting that americans arent studyng that hard to get a job, that actually pays well!!! WW2???!!!
    You are reverting back to that? Yes, it was sad and bad.
    but focus on the present. The Japanese are great people.
    The Japanese culture is very different from ours. so dont say for a moment that they are copieing everything from everywere.. put your self in there shoes, What would you do if you have never seen someone in real life before who looks different that you.
    If I were them I would stare till my hearts content!!! It is so cool to meet people from a different culture!!

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