What a week…

This week has been insanely hectic. To give you an idea, here’s the play-by-play:

Sunday: Invite the in-laws over for Sunday roast with Andrew hoping to amaze them with our cooking skills. We all get slightly distracted by some estate agent’s website and nearly burn dinner (it was the best pork roast we’ve ever made still!). After dinner, we end up making an appointment with the estate agent to go view three houses on Tuesday night.

Tuesday: Visit the three houses, fall in love with one of them. Drive back discussing what we think we should do, whether we should spend weeks, if not months, house hunting like most people seem to do or jump in head first and put an offer in.

Wednesday: Get the guts to put first offer in. Of course, gets rejected, first offers always do.

Thursday: Bit of bargaining after putting in a second offer. Ends up being accepted after a long day of adrenaline-rush anxious waiting. Excitement beyond belief, resulting in very little work done in the afternoon.

So here I am, in disbelief that there is a very good possibility that we’ll be having BBQs in our own garden this summer!

Phew, off to bed!

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