The new house

I won’t post a link to it here because it’s 11MB, but if anyone I forgot wants to see the little videoclip of the new house, let me know! Weeeeeeeee, this is so exciting! 🙂

If all goes smoothly, we should be able to move in right after our visit to Canada in late May/early June. I think we’re going to die of excitement before then! Either that or die of exhaustion getting stuff out of our loft to clear out!

2 responses to “The new house

  1. Ok Send on the link, I need to test my broadband connection 🙂

  2. Chantal

    Moi, moi, moi, je veux voir!!!! ;p
    Félicitations!!! Je viens tout juste de l’apprendre 🙂 Génial!

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