I'm becoming a housewife…

Dyson DC04One of the best inventions in the world: The Dyson

Forget your old vacuum, what you need is a Dyson. We bought the DC04 today from Sainsbury’s, after thinking for a long time that we needed to get a Dyson to clean this place up properly before we moved and because our new place would have much more carpeted areas.

We filled up half the tube by hoovering only the main area of the lounge and bedroom. For those who have seen our flat, that’s only a few meters square! The carpets look SO much cleaner! I can’t believe how much dust and crap was in the carpet! :S

Les Débrouillards m’ont fait découvrir les acariens, Dyson me fait découvrir une façon de m’en débarrasser!! I feel like a dust mite Ghostbuster with my Dyson!

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