So recently, we’ve seen someone sell his forehead for advertising, followed by a woman selling her rather large (and saggy) bosom. When another woman sold her pregnant belly as advertising space, we thought this madness would have to stop.

But of course, if something proves profitable, it’ll keep going! Via Synthesis, I found out that Floyd Hayles has sold his voice to Halls Fruit Breezers.

Floyd Hayes, a Brooklyn, NY resident, put his “voicevertising” services up for sale on eBay, offering to shout out a brand name every fifteen minutes for an entire week — no matter what location or situation, i.e. subways, elevators, bars, clubs, weddings or even business meetings. (Don’t worry…he will be allowed to sleep.) It’s a contemporary spin on the traditional town crier, and what brand could be more fitting to purchase the services than HALLS Fruit Breezers, a throat drop that cools and soothes dry, scratchy throats, which Hayes is likely to experience on this mission.

I’m still unsure whether I find it clever or utterly stupid. All I know is if I ran into him before my morning coffee, he’d get my knee in the gonads and discover himself a wonderful castrato voice. Thankfully, I don’t live in NYC.

3 thoughts on “Voicevertising

  1. Floyd

    I really don’t know what PVP is – I love comics too…

    Canadian girl – VoiceVertisng is both clever and very stupid!

    x Floyd.

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