Happy Birthday blog!

Today, April 7th 2005, is thatcanadiangirl.co.uk’s first birthday!

I’ve had websites, live journals and other small and pointless online presences on and off since 1994, but on April 7th 2004, I decided I was here to stay and setup a little squatter’s corner on a friend’s website, using b2 (or was it b2evo? either way it was bloated and patched together).

Cake!Once I settled down in England, I moved the blog to WordPress, and with a bit (a lot) of help from my dear other half, I settled with a first design. It was grey and blue, followed by a candy pink design, followed by the beautiful current design, for which Andrew gets all credit really!

So over the course of a year, with a total of approximately 360 posts, I’ve achieved what I wanted: a daily diary about my life and the events of the past year, graduation, moving back to the UK, getting married, going on holidays, buying a house, also sprinkled with short articles about technology, blogging, tv, music, and other random thoughts. I haven’t been writing for as long as some of my favourite bloggers but at least, I can now proudly say it’s been a whole year! And what an exciting year it was!

Without readers, blogs are hardly interesting at all, so thank you, dear readers, for turning this into an interactive and exciting adventure! It’s been a year, and it’s only just starting to get interesting!

Long live blogging!

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday blog!

  1. Francine

    WOW!! Quelle année! Il s’en est passé des choses dans ta p’tite vie. J’ai hâte de te voir dans quelques semaines. Maman xoxox

  2. Jon

    Happy Birthday. I’m not sure if I’d be classed as one of your readers yet or not. I only found your little online presence the other day, but immediately made you one of my neat little bookmarks on my neat little mac mini’s neat little browser.

    I’m not sure exactly how I found you, but it’s probably down to my recent download of WordPress. I like your site…a lot. I love the design (credit indeed to Andrew!) I’m not new to the Internet. I’m not really that new to blogging, but I have been off the scene for a long long time, but I’m making a comeback. Maybe I’ll be celebrating my one year anniversary 365 days from now! We could have a joint party! No, of course we couldn’t. We’ve only just met. I’m just a bunch of words. You’re a bunch of words with pictures wrapped in a funky design.

    In any case, happy birthday! You don’t look a day over 1!


  3. benjamin


    i’m following your blog for a while now and i enjoy it very much 🙂
    thanks a lot.

    greetings from germany

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