Anyone up for a fitness challenge?

Since the month-long Christmas binge, I’ve gained a bit of, lets say, baby fat. (One can still have baby fat at 23, right?) Either way, these love handles definitely seem to be holding on a bit too long.

So here’s the plan, I’d be grateful if some of you offered a bit of moral support, because I’m going to need it.

The Fitness Challenge

As of tomorrow morning, April 11th, I’ll start a set of private posts (which means a password is required to read them) and only the people joining into the fitness challenge will be able to see my actual weight progress. UNTIL May 13th, where, no matter how much or how little weight I have lost, I’ll have to show everyone my progress (or lack thereof). I think that alone is motivation enough to prove to me (and you) that I can do it. Note: I leave for Canada on May 15th and I don’t want to have to stress over this while in Canada or while moving to the new house as soon as we come back. Otherwise I would probably extend it to 6-8weeks for more exciting results.

This effectively gives me a month to do my best to reach the goal I want.

It’ll take more than the occasional salad instead of a sandwich lunch swap to get to a size where I won’t get mistaken for a beached whale when we go to Menorca in June.

If you want to jump in and join me in a last attempt at not frightening the neighbours when wearing a bikini this summer, send me an email or a message and we can be health buddies! If your goal isn’t weight related, but you want to get an arts project done or write a book or who knows what else, you can join in too! And it doesn’t matter when you start, you choose your timescale and your goal!

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