Fitness Challenge: Day 1 Roundup

Ok I doubt I’m going to do a daily roundup and 26 million other health posts so don’t worry, this won’t turn into a total health nut blog! 😉

Alright, so today, I’ve had three people (possibly 4) joining me for the challenge!

My sister Jo in Canada
Goal: Bike or rollerblade at least twice a week for 45 mins. Lose 3lbs. Resist temptation to snack while studying for exams!

Benjamin in Germany
Goal: [UPDATED] Starting weight: 167.5lbs
Goal weight at the end of the Challenge: 158.7lbs
Drop bad habits like eating chocolate and at the cafeteria

Steven in London

Goal: [UPDATED] Prepare for the BUPA 10k Hyde Park run by jogging regularly to reach 10k in 45 minutes

My challenge
Goal: Lose 7lbs to get within the 130’s I don’t mind so much. Exercise daily (a good walk, some situps and dumbells while watching TV or gym at work or bike, but SOMETHING daily!). Cut out unnecessary snacks at work, eat smaller portions. Drink a whole lot of water and herbal tea.

Roundup of my resolutions for today
Goals for the day:

  • Eat homemade bulgur with chicken and tomatoes, buy yogurt for pudding, nothing more. Have herbal tea this afternoon. As Jo at work bought us fine belgian chocs, allow myself ONE with tea if I don’t cheat at all the rest of the day. – Check! Had one choc but didn’t give in to anything else.
  • Half an hour at the gym after work (If my back is still killing me at the end of the day, I’ll go for a long walk instead but still, gym will be done twice this week at least.) – God knows where the daylight went after we got in! To make up for not going for a walk, I did 50 slooow situps. Not quite as good but not bad either! Stretching made my back feel miles better!
  • Positive thinking, little TV watching, more productive evening. – Yup! No TV, positive attitude, some useful Marketing reading done.

So, decent day, no real cheating but I need to kick up the exercise one notch!

One thought on “Fitness Challenge: Day 1 Roundup

  1. Mathew

    Health should be given its due place on this blog. I have seen a number of people who suffer from over weight; can’t express their problems, regarding health, freely and this blog plus other thousands would be a great opportunity for them to discuss their depression.

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