Fitness Challenge: Day 1

So this is day 1

Starting weight on April 11th: 146.2lbs
Goal weight by May 13th: 139lbs (hey, I’m being realistic here!)

Goals for the day:

  • Eat homemade bulgur with chicken and tomatoes, buy yogurt for pudding, nothing more. Have herbal tea this afternoon. As Jo bought us fine belgian chocs, allow myself ONE with tea if I don’t cheat at all the rest of the day.
  • Half an hour at the gym after work (If my back is still killing me at the end of the day, I’ll go for a long walk instead but still, gym will be done twice this week at least.)
  • Positive thinking, little TV watching, more productive evening.

One thought on “Fitness Challenge: Day 1

  1. Mathew

    Oh!! really? You are doing great job. Keep going. I am sure you will get you target in time. You see, loosing weight without taking pills is a big deal nowadays.

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