More Funny Google Searches

I love doing this… scrolling through the searches that landed people on my site recently…

Some highlights so far in April:

  • “if i get married to a canadian im i automatic canadian” Not if you write like that, you’re not!
  • “deterioration of the english language” Umm see above?
  • “my dyson keeps turning off” Sorry to hear that… Ever thought of calling the store you bought it from??
  • “how fast is my broadband connection?” Wait wait, let me look at you and make a guess… hmm if it’s as slow as you are…
  • “lisa simpson x rated pictures” Anyone else finding this a bit weird and twisted??
  • “when snow get togethers they produce snowflakes” Good lord, it’s the follow-up from last time
  • “st-hubert sauce poutine ingredient” It’s pure heaven baby, pure heaven!
  • “1967 to 2005 how old would a person be” About the same as your IQ, mate…

It doesn’t get any better, I swear! But I must get to sleep now… and dream of a huge Darwinist event that causes all the idiots to annihilate themselves! (Though they ARE quite entertaining… in their own stupid ways)

2 thoughts on “More Funny Google Searches

  1. Jon

    The other day…on your websites’ birthday, I posted a comment wishing you happiness. At the time, I couldn’t remember how I got to your website. I figured it was something to do with WordPress. But this post clears it up. I’m the slow broadband guy! It’s scary what you can find out! Bubbye!

  2. Vero

    Buahahahaha this is WAYYYY too funny! *sends apologetic email for calling Jon slow*

    Good to see such an odd search can still turn someone into a regular reader! 😉

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