Fitness Challenge: Day 2

This morning’s weight: 145.4lbs

Breakfast: teacake with Flora and a cup of hot water.

Lunch: Brought with me 2 apples, a banana and a low-fat Ski Vanilla yogurt. Will buy a salad or a soup and wholewheat roll for lunch. Snack on fruits during the afternoon.

Note: The hot water or herbal tea seems to fill me up quite a bit and stop me from wanting to snack. Good stuff!

[edit: had to correct that! I typo’ed my weight really badly hahaha Merci Jo! 😉 ]
[edit 2: Bugger it! I took the password off, who cares if the whole of the ninternet finds out I have a big ass! Maybe Oli will stop offering me Belgian chocs if he reads this!! 😉 ]

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