FC: Day 3

Today’s morning weight: 145.6lbs

Had an english muffin for breakfast, veggie ciabatta for lunch, an apple, a banana, two herbal teas and no snacky stuff! Got a lovely piece of salmon to steam for dinner while Andrew’s going to pig out on Toad in the Hole (mmmm! though i’ve never had it, it sounds nice… sausages in a tin of batter… see Delia’s site for a recipe)

Anyways, Benjamin has created himself a MySpace to keep track of his progress, and I’ll write down the progress of the other ones when they let me know about it!

Today was tiring and a bit crap, so I’m off to read a good book and get my mind off of things…

Ok so I didn’t go for a long walk as I was hoping for as the evening flew by, but while watching an ep of South Park, I did some weights and situps. My tummy still hurts from situps two nights ago but I’m sure I’ll get used to it!

Also, Kelly from Marmalade.ca has joined us in the Fitness Challenge!

Here’s Kelly’s goal this month:
Starting weight: 179.2lbs
Goal weight:174.2 lbs
Exercise: run 5km 3x per week, weights 2x per week, elliptical 1x per week.
Nutrition: No counting calories! It’s bad enough that I’m obsessing about the numbers on the scale

  • Soup with chicken breast for lunch or dinner 3x per week
  • Salad with tuna for lunch or dinner 3x per week
  • Try to have starchy carbs before 6pm
  • Try to drink 2 litres of water per day(so far so good!)
  • Don’t break the chocolate seal (it’s been 2 weeks already)
  • Try to eat fish (other than canned tuna) once per week.

Kelly will be tracking her progress here, but she’s also got her regular everyday blog here!

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