Bonne fête tout le monde!

So many birthdays this weekend!

Yesterday was Julie & Catou, my darling little sisters’s, birthday, turning 19 (OoOOoooOooo!!), but they’re delaying the celebrations till University exams are over because they’re such studious angels. So when I visit in May, I’ll need to take them out to celebrate a bit 🙂

Today, it’s my mummy in law’s birthday so we’re going down to see her in Kent (and we won’t forget our Dartford tunnel coins this time – that’s not a fun experience!) to celebrate a bit! Not quite sure whether we’ll be going for a swim in the pool (brrr!) but it’ll be a lovely day, pictures to come this evening!

Hope you’re all having a nice summer-is-coming-soon weekend 🙂

Mmmm and i slept 10 hours last night… feels sooooo good to get a fuuuuuuuuuuuull night of sleep… *curls back up in the blankets*

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