FC: Day 6, 7 & 8

Morning weight Day 6: 146.2lbs
Morning weight Day 7: 146.6lbs (goddamn curry!)
Morning weight Day 8 (Monday): 146.6lbs (kept up by three course meal!)

This week is going to have to be a real exercise and eating well challenge, since this weekend has really stalled any vague progress… :S

I hope you guys are progressing better than I am…

[UPDATE: Kelly’s weekly update on her Fitness Challenge is up too]

[UPDATE: Here’s Jo’s update!! dated Wednesday April 20th.

First Week :
Let’s say starting weight was 133.5 pounds (but I don’t have a scale… I base myself on the last time I was at my parents’ place). My goal is to be at 130 pounds by the 15th of May.

So far: I ate healthy meals and brought leftovers for lunch and snacks at work. I haven’t been snacking much while studying, and if so, it was on fruits or yogurt. I’m trying to serve myself reasonable portions instead of copying those of my boyfriend (6’4, 190 pounds…).

I haven’t done much exercising though… L But one of the reasons was, I just moved and didn’t bring my bike or inline skates here yet! On Wednesday, I went for a 20 minutes walk during lunchtime at work.

I’ll do that again for sure, the bikepath besides the Ottawa River is soooooo nice! On Thursday I went jogging (oh how I missed my bike and skates!). I hate jogging! There’s also the fact that I live in a new area so instead of doing a 10 minutes loop of jogging, I did more like 20 minutes. I was suffocating by the end. Rather stupid on my part… Then on the weekend, I ate: chips (a.k.a. crisps), hot-dogs, lots of cheesecake, a few drinks… Not too good! I finally got my inline skates and went twice for 15-20 minutes. I tried to walk during my lunch hour but got caught in the rain so ended up jogging back to the building. I guess that’s one way to force myself to do more… So after a week, results are… Unknown! I don’t have a scale as I mentioned so I don’t know if there has been a difference in terms of weight, but I doubt so. At least what I ate was generally healthy, except for what I mentioned above. I give myself 7.5/10 so far! ;)]

3 thoughts on “FC: Day 6, 7 & 8

  1. Steven

    Pub 3 nights in a row, Venti Frappacino’s, Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food, Flake Ice Cream, MacDonalds, Hyde Park Frisbee.

    You have nothing to worry about!

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