Macromedia & Adobe

The Register reports the recently announced merger of Adobe and Macromedia, leaders in each their own field. This new monster could either produce the best all-in-one software we’ve ever seen, or could create the biggest bloater in history.

How the companies choose to brand the product could cause them to either suffer with the Microsoft syndrome, used by most, hated by all because of its bloated crummyness. If features get shoved together for the sake of integrating them, it might end up like in some of Adobe’s most commonly used software family, the PDF readers, about 10 times the size of what most mortals need and want. MmMmm 90MB of features no one uses…

Quote of the day:
I hope Golive drops off the face of the planet and into some dimension that the three evil guys from Superman are trapped in. Thats my personal hope atleast. -whitlock

2 thoughts on “Macromedia & Adobe

  1. Andy

    I have to agree with you on that one.
    It is also like Coral buying out Jasc. Jasc just coming out with the excelent Jasc paintshop 9.
    But there you go…
    And Don’t get me started on MS…
    I remember Adobe buying out the creators of Cool-edit a fine sound application. They now sell the application as Audition which costs over $250!

    I rant too much!

  2. kelly

    I thought this was bad news when I first read about it. These two companies were such huge competitors that they kept pushing one another to come out with more innovated products.

    I just hope that Dreamweaver doesn’t get scrapped in favour of GoLive or whatever the hell it is that Adobe makes for web design.

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