Wish I could

I’m a regular blogger, yep, I think about things I’d like to blog on a daily basis. It’s a kind of illness one develops after a long period of blogging. But I’ve also got a block at the moment, I’ve got so much I want to say that I can’t quite share yet. Don’t worry, it’ll come… There’s some good, some really good, some less good, but hopefully by this time next week, I’ll be able to do what I always want to do when something important happens and blog about it!

I’m the meantime, forgive me for this meaningless rant and bear with me while I deal with things. I’ll give you a little jig to keep you busy.

*jigs, bounces, dances around*
Tadah, entertaining, no?

Ok maybe it isn’t good enough but I promise we’ll be back to our regular programming where I rant, bitch and complain about the world sooner than later!

To keep you busy, my fave links of the day:
* Martine se pose des questions sur le nouveau Pape.
* Un bon podcast de M-C pour aider le Humpday à passer.
* Can’t think of anything else for now… Sorry kids.

5 thoughts on “Wish I could

  1. pa

    une journée tranquille ? Tu as entrepris un beau défi santé ..continu!! 75% fruits et légumes vs 25% le rste ..selon Santé Canada..
    As-tu une photo cheveux courts??
    Ah oui , bonne chance pour l’interview!!

  2. iamdecal

    hmm, i cant even remember how i found this blog, i guess i followed a link from one of the other blogs i read (im _fairly_ sure i dont know any canadians myself) so although i dont know you your probobly a friend of a friend or something.

    my point is (finally) do you find it harder to blog when you know that people you know in real life are going to be reading it ? not that your gonna be slagging them off or anything, its just harder to share while its not quite so annonymous

    of course now i’ve written that, some one who knows me will read it and think that i’m holding back on my own site, and jsut leaving my angst in comments on other peoples blogs… GAH!!!

    Oh and nice dancing by the way – very entertaining to watch 😉

  3. Vero

    Merci pour le p’tit commentaire papa, je vais mettre une photo online bientot 🙂

    iamdecal: Yeah I’m with you on that… But I decided not to make my blog anonymous so now I have to live with the consequences. I know myself and I know I couldn’t have avoided talking about my blog or sending someone a link to a picture that’s hosted under the same domain…

    I never really have anything to hide, I don’t reaaaaally slag off work or people by email or in any written method that could end up in the concerned peoples’ hands. With my luck, it’d definitely come back to bite me in the arse.

    So things I don’t want to talk about just yet are usually things I don’t want to jinx by telling the world about it before it happens!

    *twitches* wow coffee’s kicking in… back to work!

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