Already a third of a year gone by

Can you believe a third of 2005 has already flown by? It’s Spring, time for Spring cleanings and revivals, changes and rebirths.

To say the least, change and change again has been the general theme of my life for the past year. Not in a bad way at all, it’s all positive change. All of it could’ve been avoided had we preferred to sit on our butts and stay in our small flat, not get married (well there could’ve been an issue there with my visa running out but ya know…), not change jobs, etc… But we chose to bite the bullet and go for the whole lot to reach that point in life where we’ll feel we’ve fulfilled at least a few of our life goals, like buying our first house.

I don’t think we’ll regret any of it, but at the moment, I feel a bit overwhelmed by everything and I’m looking forward to sitting down on our new chocolate brown corner sofa in the new house and being able to say “I’m home, we’ve achieved this together and we bloody well deserve it!” But that’s not quite within reach yet, a few more things need to be sorted out and a seriously huge Spring cleaning has to happen before we move!

Life’s just too short to sit on my (fat) ass and not take advantage of what’s being thrown my way. To think, if you’d asked me 5 years ago what I thought I’d be doing at the age of 23, I probably would’ve said working in Montreal, living still a rather studenty lifestyle with friends and doing a freshly post-grad job! I would never have expected to be married, living in the UK, buying a house and working in quite challenging jobs!

I just need to learn to channel that stress into positive energy a bit more!

One thought on “Already a third of a year gone by

  1. papa

    allo! je suis à l’ordi de Raymaond à Hull..Je jase avec Lison Grégoire, cousine de Francine. On lui raconte ton épopée des 5 dernières années! Et c’est ton courage et ton goût d’aventure qui nous émerveille..Je lui donne ton site..elle va retourner bientôt à Montreal. À bientôt XX

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