Have you tried Google Maps yet?

Have you spotted your house yet?

I’ve tried it with my Canadian address and my parents’ house is *just* off the map by about a square because it’s too far from the biggest city, but I can see my elementary school a few streets away. I’ve tried my current and soon-to-be British addresses and unfortunately, we’re not worthy of satellite maps, only old-style drawn maps.

Otherwise, when looking for random American locations or big Canadian cities, it certainly is entertaining! Still no luck in finding llamas though, which is a bit of a dissapointment to a few of us…

2 responses to “Have you tried Google Maps yet?

  1. X

    I couldn’t use it to find my house, seeing as I live in London. I did, however, find Michael Jackson’s boy-magnet:



  2. Jowel

    J’ai checké il y a un bout de temps et on voit notre maison à Orléans assez bien!

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