Of Flying Cars and Black Humour…

Of Flying Cars…

I had to read this headline twice before I believed it: A car crashed into the top floor of a house after hitting the kerb and went flying up in the air! Now, if that doesn’t make you feel unsafe in your own home, I don’t know what will!

They need those pillars that can stop any car, just like in Extreme Makeover: Home Edition… but they might need to rise up to the first floor to stop flying BMWs!

… And Black Humour

The new Nick Hornby book, A Long Way Down, “attempts to bring humour and optimism to the subject of suicide.” The story was inspired by Beachy Head, an English location notorious for being a suicide spot. Hornby stresses that the book tackles suicide in a serious way, but finds humour in the situations his characters are put in.

Penguin’s blurb describes it as follows: “Funny, sad and deeply moving, Nick Hornby’s A Long Way Down is a novel that asks some of the big questions: about life and death, strangers and friendship, love and pain, and whether a group of losers, and pizza, can really see you through a long, dark night of the soul.”

I can already recognize Hornby’s old humour that Hugh Grant brought to life in About A Boy a few years ago, so I’ll most likely read this one. Most likely holiday reading, a tough topic lightened by a bit of dark humour.

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