Dig dig, chomp chomp…

Dig, dig…

Today, Andrew and I did more weights lifting than we have in a while. It’ll be great preparation for moving houses…

Andrew’s parents were having a “pond-digging party” so we went to help make a big hole in the back of their garden to create a koi carps pond. Koi carps are possibly the coolest fish around, they love to come up to the surface and watch or follow people around the edge. They even come up to suck your finger, and I’ve been known to befriend them enough for them to let me pet them and pick them up! (Anyways, they’re friendly enough but the picking up would still be a bad idea…)

I can’t claim to have spent as much time digging as the boys did, but I did a good little bit of work. We came across a bunch of HUGE concrete blocks that were dumped as rubble when the house was originally built and they were a hell of a challenge to dig out! Some were a good 4 feet long and went way beyond the edges of the pond we wanted to dig! Thankfully, no one took their eye out while digging them out with the dodgy loose pick axe…

Chomp, chomp…

Now, for the most interesting part of the day… Kathy knew everyone would be working hard so she prepared a truly tasty meal as incentive to keep working. We had an early snack of veggie crudités and crisps, olives, sunblush tomatoes and dips. Later on, when the boys started running out of steam towards 3-4pm so we had a lovely meal. Butterfly prawns in garlic, lemon and parsley butter, some lovely sundried tomatoes and herbs ciabbata bread followed by salmon in white wine and herbs with a dill sauce, some lovely rosemary potatoes and a tomato salad. I’ll have to get the recipes from Kathy and post them up on my food blog, the prawns in particular were gorgeous!

So all in all, a very fun day considering how much hard work was involved. Great company makes all the difference! 🙂

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