KFC's Colonel gets a facelift

Yet another one of Darren’s articles catching my attention.

Colonel Sanders, KFC

The KFC Colonel has had a bit of an image change. Constant with Betty Crocker and Aunt Jemima slimming down, the Colonel’s white suit is being replaced with an apron, his hair gets a bit of a trim and the generous chin seems to slim down. The entire restaurants are getting a re-style as well, starting with American KFCs.

Did your KFC have a big bucket sign outside its little white house-like restaurant? Does anyone (other than my husband) actually still eat there?

In the world of fast food, I can’t help but wonder… who’s getting the next cosmetic surgery? Well… it appears to be Ronald’s turn! Chicken-fat-based Botox anyone?

6 thoughts on “KFC's Colonel gets a facelift

  1. Joelle

    J<ai écouté "SuperSize Me" cette semaine. C'Est écoeurant tous ces fast-foods! Et ils ont même pas évalué KFC! Une chance, autrement j'aurais été malade sûrement…

  2. Joelle

    …comme je disais… J’ai vu “SuperSize Me” cette semaine, c’est dégueulasse! Une chance qu’ils ont pas évalué KFC parce que j’aurais été malade littéralement…

  3. Gwen

    C’est stupide ce changement, avant il souriait puis maintenant il fait plus agressif. Je ne félicite pas vraiment le dessinateur sur le coup 😦

  4. Hitler

    There are KFC clones in every country in the world. Most follow the original (marketing) recipe. Red white and blue sign and a reference to a southern state. KFC should stick to these tenets of their success. By the way, what’s with P-Diddy and KFC?

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