New job!!!

This is from yesterday morning, when I couldn’t quite post about it yet:
Two goddamn months of job hunting and not blogging about it! Finally, I can say that it’s over! Blahblahblah I can say aaaaanything I like now that it’s over! Tongue tied no more!

I didn’t want to blog about it because job hunting talk is too depressing when it’s not successful. Thankfully, I was quite lucky and the only two companies I interviewed for came back with positive results. For one, I chose to turn down the second interview, but for the other one, the second interview lasted four hours! I guess they must’ve liked me because they’ve hired me!

The main reason to change jobs is the house move. Coming down to Harlow from where we’ll be living would take much too long and be a complicated and expensive journey by bus and train. Instead, going into Cambridge will allow me a fun social life and an easy commute. The prospect of working in a more technological field is soooo exciting though, that’s a major factor in the job change!

This is such a weight off my shoulders, I’ll actually be able to relax and enjoy while we’re in Canada! I was so worried I’d have to keep job hunting while on holidays… Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Now I want to wait to post this until I get a confirmation! Ahhhh so excited!

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