Trip to who what?!

I’ve been so busy with the job hunting, the house sorting and then the job celebrating, that I almost forgot that it’s time for travelling! We’re going to Canada to see my darling little family and a handful of friends tomorrow!

Of course, being the organised couple that we are, Andrew and I haven’t even started packing our suitcases. As a matter of fact, the suitcases are still up in the loft and the clothes are still on the drying rack. Ah well, I guess I should go do that, shouldn’t I?

So there’ll only be limited posting this week, but I’m certainly going to update you on what we’re up to in Canada. So far, the only set plans are a friends BBQ and a family BBQ… Everyone else seems to be taking their sweet ass time getting back to me with when it’s likely that I’ll see them… Fine, if no one else wants to see me, I’m perfectly happy hanging out with my cool little sisters! They’re cooler than you all anyways! 😛

I’ll go to chinatown and make sushi with mommy and hang out with my sisters at Oh So Good (like any first-timer to Ottawa, they think they’ve found a new pearl of a place no one knows about, awwww cute!) I’ll walk up and down Rideau street and go into Chapters, and walk into Shoppers, take the 95 Orleans back to Place d’Orleans, roll my eyes at the little bums who think they’re so hardcore waiting at the busstop with their skateboards. Yep, already feels like I’m home…

Must get’s while in Canada:
Maple syrup to bring back (stock for a year)
Maple candy/cookies of some sort to bring in to work (for my last three days eeeeeee!!!)
Clothes, because they’re cheaper
Tim Hortons donuts are a must-eat
Lots of hugs from my mommy!

5 thoughts on “Trip to who what?!

  1. kelly

    i love that you mention timmy ho’s doughnuts! if i were living abroad, i would so have my family send quarterly care packages of TH coffee.

  2. Ben

    Hey, you’ll be glad to know that there’s a Tim Horton’s going to open up here in Rochester, Kent. Surely, there’s one in London. I just got a flyer about that. I really love them timbits. Particularly those dutchies 😛

  3. Lori

    Help! You may be a lifesaver!! I’m looking to bring over 100 maple candies from Canada to the UK for my best friend’s wedding (only 5 cdns, so we’ve got to represent) – will I get any hassle from customs in the UK do you think?

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