I love being home :)

Yesterday was such a lovely day, we’d had a very good night of sleep on the first evening, which made us lose the jetlag feeling (until about 10pm anyways… at which point Andrew fell asleep on the sofa).

We went to Ottawa with dad and Catou, took a sneak peak at the basement of Jo’s place (which we’ll be allowed to see in full when she’s home tonight and she can take us on “the tour”) then went to Chinatown. We all had Pho (vietnamese soup in bowls the size of a salad bowl), then went to the Kowloon Market to get what we needed to make sushis and baked wontons for dinner.

Dad had to do food shopping, so I went along for the novelty of seeing the new Super C supermarket that had popped up since last time I was here. After an hour and a half of slaving over making wontons and sushis for 6, I think everyone enjoyed the meal!

In the evening, we went to the tennis courts… to play? nah, just to laugh at Andrew and Olivier who were playing. I snuck in to my dad’s band practice (no, not like rock band, like fanfare type band!) and saw some faces that I recognized from many years ago. who seemingly also recognized me too!

All in all, a great first day with the family.

Today, we’re heading to Ottawa for a bit of clothes shopping (hey it’s cheaper, so why not!) and dinner at my sister’s new house. Should be nice! I’m still craving Tim Hortons so that’s likely to happen today!

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