The good ol' Fitness Challenge

So you remember when I said I’d do a fitness challenge and turn things around and lose a good chunk of weight and be fit and blahblahblah?

Yeah you guessed it, after the trip to Belgium, I gave up totally and completely. I was so tired from the stress of buying a house, of going to job interviews and of juggling plans to see everyone while in Canada, I wasn’t eating very well.

So officially, I can say I failed at the goals I’d set but this week has reminded me how losing weight and feeling better can be easy. I just need to start walking more, like I do when I’m in Ottawa. Granted my legs hurt like crap from the past three days of being on my feet all day long, but I bought new trainers with special soles yesterday so that should help me feel better about walking longer distances. I enjoy walking, it’s relaxing and it’s fresh air, so without setting myself specific goals, because holidays and house moving and other crap always comes in the way of me achieving them, but with the new Cambridge job, I’ll have no choice to walk more everyday. And I’ll do my inevitable walking, but I’ll enjoy it too! 🙂

And as far as being in Ottawa goes, so far it’s been lovely, seen lots of friends, got some precious time with my sisters… Now I just want to spend more time with my mommy before I leave!

2 thoughts on “The good ol' Fitness Challenge

  1. Cherrylicious

    It’s much better not to set out goals for something like this because
    A) You can’t be dissapointed because you haven’t reached your goal

    B) You are always surprised because every lost pound is unplanned

    Great going!

  2. Joelle

    My turn to do my fitness challenge update!

    Still the same weight as I was at the beginning. Reason: Junk food… I think. When I eat chips or nachos, or crackers, etc, I eat way too much. My weight had dropped a bit when I got sick a few weeks ago, but went back up to what it was.

    However! I’m doing good with my goal of doing more exercise! During exams, I would only go once a week do inline skating, jogging or biking but in the last two weeks, I’ve biked at least 2 to 3 hours a week. I<ll try to come back from work (30km) once a week and go to my parents' place (25km) once a week also. It feels good to get off my winter ass! I love summer, and I hope the exercise will be just enough to tone the legs and improve my cardio.

    Now, I'll work on what I eat…

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