Back home…

We arrived home yesterday after a fantastic trip to Canada.

It was great to see friends and family. It’s not often that I do so much and see so many people in so little time, so it was a tiring experience but I’d do it again in an instant (well actually, give me a week to recover from the multiple BBQ evenings and the coffee overdose, then we’ll talk!).

Yesterday afternoon, as we were setting foot back home, my parents were leaving for their 25th anniversary holiday. In December, they celebrated 25 years together so it was about time for them to get their first holiday alone since before I was born. They flew out to Vancouver, from where they’ll travel in an RV for two weeks, visiting Vancouver Island and Victoria, then turning around and going all the way to Calgary and fly home. I wish them great sights, great time together and hopefully, not too many “we went the wrong way again!” arguments!

I spent the week spotting things I thought were worth blogging about but didn’t want to waste precious holiday time on. Here are a few…

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