Big Brother 6

I don’t even know where to start with this new season of Big Bro. Actually, a self-inflicted lobotomy may be the best way to start…

Davina, Big Brother presenterDid anyone else notice a theme tonight? A theme of thick, self-absorbed twits if anything! Big boobed nursie Lesley makes Jade Goody sound like a Nobel Prize contender (no offence to Jade of course, I do like the Harlow lass!). Kemal and his ridiculous attire, Mary from Atlantis, Science … who’s name is well… “Science”?! All a bunch of complete tosspots. Wonder what the average IQ is in there?

Doesn’t mean it’s not interesting to watch… Davina is as sweet as ever, seeming genuinely excited about the contestants (and a bit out of breath after going up those stairs? Is your exercise regime DVD not doing the job!?) As usual, Big Brother produces more office gossip than any other show because of it being on live TV permanently, giving the contestants no break whatsoever, unlike most “reality TV” shows that patch together a few hours’ worth of interaction. No one knows whether it’ll be an entire season of nobodies or whether we’ll discover a new Brian Dowling! Actually, I doubt anyone of Brian’s charisma has crossed the golden door tonight.

Talk Talk is still the main sponsor this year, having found a goldmine of gossipy people to target. I’m not sure I like the style of adverts they’ve got so far with people seen from above creating shapes like a telephone or a heart, but hopefully it’ll grow into something more interesting throughout the series.

I can hardly believe we’ve got till August of this rubbish on Channel 4. As the BBC points out, the BB6 launch coincides with Channel 4’s digital station E4, which will show continuous coverage from the house, being made available on Freeview. Now even poor people can watch shit TV 24/7!

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