Understanding the Crazy Frog

How can the horror that is the Crazy Frog ringtone have evolved into a number one hit?

It was the mid-to-late-90’s. I remember the original soundbite, which was played while you looked at a static image of a racing kart in a sharp bend. It said “If this makes you laugh, you’re crazy” or something along those lines. It was yet another little html page by another little teenager with too much time on his hands.

Someone, somewhere, thought it would be funny to revive this annoying clip and make it into a little animation… As if that wasn’t enough, Jamster made it its ringtone of choice, drowning the commercial channels with its irritating adverts.

Now, it’s been turned into a hit in the Charts and is polluting our ears as ever with its annoying versions. Kids think it’s funny, adults think it’s ironic. I just think it’s annoying as hell.

I’m not saying we should all have the ol’ ring-ring tone because when everyone and their dog has a mobile phone, it’s useful to be able to figure out which one’s ringing without running back to my desk everytime, but there’s no need for such annoying tones, is there?!

3 thoughts on “Understanding the Crazy Frog

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