Oooooh thunderstorm!

This morning’s rainstorm-turned-thunderstorm was fascinating to watch and hear!

The rain was nothing unusual at first, but then hail started coming down the size of dried green peas, causing a raucous noise on the Velux windows. (They’re angled windows so rain and hail always sounds louder in the bathroom and kitchen because of them) The hail got to the size of big blueberries, nothing comparable to the legendary golf-ball-sized hailstones in Kapuskasing, Ont. storms, but still enough to be noisy!

All in all, it was pretty exciting and now the sun seems to be coming back out and the birds singing! But we’re stuck inside packing to move next weekend! ahhhh!!!

One thought on “Oooooh thunderstorm!

  1. Joelle

    Si je rencontre un météorologiste aujourd’hui il va passer un mauvais quart-d’heure… Lundi et mardi ils annoncent des orages en après-midi, alors j’apporte pas mon vélo au travail. Évidemment, il fait beau soleil. Aujourd’hui, ils annoncent 27 degrés et un beau soleil et devine quoi?! Je pars du travail dans quelques minutes et il pleut des clous et il y a plein d’éclairs! Super…

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