An era of my life ends…

So I just got home from my official last day at work. This time, I know it’s more real than it’s ever been. The end of an Era, as Ben said. Every time I left before, I expected to return a few months later for another contract, a few more months, and a new position within the company. Now, we’ll live further away, we’ll work in a different city altogether. Beautiful Cambridge, here I come.

Over the past three years and three months, my work there was like Swiss cheese; a semester here, a summer there, a year there… Many different departments, many different types of job, and a whole lot of lovely people. It wasn’t ALL good, but I’ll make sure I only remember the good bits.

So… what happens now? Well first, I’ll put the lovely flowers they gave me in water (believe it or not, my jug that gets used as a vase hasn’t been packed yet!) then I’ll crack on with packing up everything else! There is a LOT of work to do!

We’ve had confirmation, the house move is this Saturday! We can’t wait to be in!

And then Monday, first baby steps into the new job! Everything is happening so quickly, it’s thrilling yet incredibly scary when it all happens at once.

*looks around* Alright, this woman must get to work…

One thought on “An era of my life ends…

  1. Antoine

    Funny coincidence. Not today, but tomorow is my last of work at my job. Next monday, I’ll be working elsewhere, yipee..! Good luck in Cambridge.

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