It's all happened!

Friday was spent packing boxes till late night, then Saturday, we started moving boxes before 9am and finished past midnight. On Sunday, our muscles hurt like never before, we went to meet the landlord to hand back the keys and pop by Homebase to drop our hard-earned cash into the endless money pit that are house needs.

Yesterday, I started my new job. Summary so far: I love it. Great team, great motivated attitude. Now I just need to get to grips with what the hell I’ve got to do and how I’ve got to do it, but at least I’m learning enough names to pretend I do! Haven’t missed my old job for a second yet either, just a few of the old friends there…

Of course, posting this message from work as we still don’t have a phone line at home, much less an internet connection! That’ll come soon but it isn’t there yet!

Wooohoooo we own a house, how greaaat this feels!

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