June 18th in the new house

Back from our week holiday in Menorca with Andrew’s family, but I don’t know where to start in describing the last few weeks’ adventures!*

The new house

After a weekend of carrying boxes up and down the stairs from Lawrence Moorings to our new home near Cambridge, we found ourselves with only 4 days at home before rushing off to a family holiday. It resulted in 4 days of borderline-panic, opening boxes, looking for holiday clothes that had been packed since last summer into badly-labelled boxes… you know the drill…

We successfully unpacked a good chunk of our belongings, but the house still looked like a war zone when we left for Menorca.

The new job

On Monday before the holidays, as I’ve said in a previous quickie post, I started a new job in Cambridge. Coworkers already appear to have zero’ed in on my blog, so no juicy work gossip here! 😉

The commute to work isn’t bad at all, though certainly longer than when I worked in Harlow and got dropped off directly at work. It’s not too expensive either, thanks to the Park n ride bus service that runs around Cambridge.

A little bird told me a new train service connecting our town to the London-Cambridge line is being considered but for the time being, a half hour drive to Andrew’s work plus a 15-20mins bus ride seems to be the best option.

I’ll most likely have more to say about work once I sink my teeth into projects, but oui maman, j’aime ma nouvelle job, et je promets de pas chiâler à propos de mon nouveau boss! 😉

The sunny holiday

I said very little about this holiday before we left, simply because I didn’t quite realise it was going to happen! It hit me in the face on Thursday night when I hopelessly tried to find my summer clothes in boxes…

On Friday morning, we headed to Brighton, to pick up Andrew’s sister, Lisa, and her husband, to head to Gatwick and catch our late afternoon flight. After the long (but thankfully light traffic) journey, we had a few drinks in the airport bar. We were all due for a good week of relaxation.

Over the course of the week, we went out on day-long boat trips to beaches off the beaten path like Son Saura, or busier beach-side bars like Son Parc. We spent a day walking around Ciutadella, the old capital of the island, and Mahon, the current capital and main port city, oooh’ing and aaah’ing over the immense yachts moored in the port.

Most of the week was spent with a glass of cold Cava in hand, so last night, just before heading to the airport, we thought we’d stop by Cala Font for a last little drink by the seaside. Park the car, leave our luggage in, have a nice cold drink, head back to car. Car gone. CAR GONE!?? There was a little neon green sticker, and regardless of the message being written in Catalan, we all knew what it meant. The car had been impounded! An HOUR before our flight and the car had been impounded by the Menorcan police. After the run of our life to get to the police station, 2 blocks away, we shared the 55 Euros fine, and picked up our car. Ten minutes later, we were rolling out of the locked-in car park and heading to the airport! Phew, what a story to tell, and what luck we got the car back so quickly! Of course, afterwards we all thought it was obvious we weren’t meant to park where we did. Ahh the gift of hindsight…

And now, back to reality…

Now that we’ve returned to England, it’s been a day of visits to the Garden Centre, attempts at putting up a new clothesline, going through some more boxes, and unbelievably — enjoying weather warmer than in Menorca!

Yesterday was 28c in the area, and today can’t be much cooler. Hmm an outdoors thermometer is something else we should buy, isn’t it?

I feel my blog’s getting slightly derelict from me being unable to care for it properly, but hopefully we’ll manage to get ADSL sooner than later and I’ll answer everyone’s comments, respond to every email and post much much more regularly again!

In the meantime, I’ve got a new house to beautify!

* Thankfully I was writing this in Notepad** as we’re still stuck with only dialup til we sort out our ADSL… fingers crossed we manage to get it! We’re not that far away from civilization, are we?! :S
** That’s why this is a rather unrefined post, with no links or anything… just straightforward storytelling!

4 thoughts on “June 18th in the new house

  1. Steven

    Hey ho,

    Congrats on the new house & job!

    Tis certainly a lovely weekend. I’ve got a wicked t-shirt tan after spending yesterday looking around properties in North London and subseqent Hyde Park frisbee action. I’ve seen 11 places now, and am rapidly thinking that going one stop further out to East Finchley buys me alot more for my money than in Highgate.

    Having a more relaxing day today though, currently sitting in my flat with my fan, waiting for the temperature to drop sufficiently for me to be able to pop to the shops for some asian food. Anywhos, hopefully will catch you on irc during the week.

    Be sure to get some pics of your new pad online. This is England remember, and property porn is our number one pastime!! :o)

    Oh, and drop me an email at my work addy, I only have your Pearson one in my address book! Hence this email-esque comment 😉



  2. pa

    ouf… tu es revenue en forme et reposée..bravo.. Bonne chance avec les détails de la maison, comme les photos , le rangement, les souris? ou un peu d’eau dans la cave? (comme chez Jo..) Je te souhaite de réussir au job! XOX

  3. Vero

    Pas de cave, alors pas d’eau dans la cave 😉

    Les photos vont arriver bientot, on a pas encore de connection internet a la maison!

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